How to answer interview questions

At Aegis, we use behavioural questions.  These questions usually start with “Tell me about a time” or “Describe a time when.”

Sample question:

  • Tell me how you went about sourcing the biggest client you brought into your last company. Specifically what steps did you take to identify and then develop the relationship to turn this business opportunity into a client?

How to answer the question:

Break down your response into three parts and answer in the following order:

S= Situation: Overview of what happened and where you were working

A =Action:     What you did in response to the situation or circumstance 

                   Tip: focus on using ‘I’ in your response e.g. I did this

O=Outcome: What was the result of your actions

How to prepare your answers in advance

Take the time to sit down and review all the information you have about the role.  Look at the job ad & job description (if available) and work out the main competencies. Here at Startek we use these competency & behavioural indicators:

  • Business Orientation
  • Leadership
  • Differential Thinking
  • Systems Thinking
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Change Management
  • Customer Focus
  • Strategic Perspective and Strategy Execution

The next stage is to develop general answers to the key competencies you’ve identified. At your interview you will then adapt what you prepared earlier to answer the question.

For example if you’re interviewing for a management role and leadership is a key competency then prepare an example demonstrating your leadership abilities. 

Or if you’re interviewing for a customer service role prepare a customer focused example.

The better you prepare, the less likely you will 'wing your interview.

Good luck!